Use your bats to get your ball in the hole! Watch out the blood will reset your ball and add one to your score. Can you make it through 9 holes of deadly golf course action?


ShootLeft Mouse Click
Reset BallR
Mute Music
Mute Sfx
Restart Game
Escape or Enter

*This game was made for Minijam 118 Vampires with the limitation "Blood is lethal". All assets are original and made in 72 hours by me except for the sound effects which are from

**Updated on 10/31 to fix bug where ball was falling into the blood through the hole. Also added 6 more levels and a final scorecard.


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Soundtrack 33 MB


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Somehow if you shoot too hard and hit the hole it will count as hitting the blood.

I'd love some feedback on my submission if you have time :D

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Yeah I'm not sure what that bug is about somehow it falls through the hole sometimes without triggering :/

EDIT: This bug has now been fixed :)